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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Anger Management: Causes of Anger

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Causes of anger: Why One Gets Angry?

The factors given below are the main causes of getting angry:

       Expectations from others (including organizations) are not met
       Expectations from self are not met
       Feeling of being exploited
       Sense of being victimized
       Abuse (physical and verbal) by others
       Been insulted or feeling of being insulted or humiliated
       Disagreements or conflicts with others
       Feeling frustrated over the events or systems on which you have no or very little control (an incompetent boss, inefficient bureaucracy, disruptions of all kinds of preset events and systems, prolonged illness of self or that of near and dear ones, loss of job due to circumstances beyond your control, financial burden etc)
       Recall of the past deals and circumstances that were unreasonable, unfavorable and traumatic to you

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