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Monday, March 25, 2013

Anger Management: Control Anger Before It Controls You

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Control Anger Before It Controls You
It’s almost a clich√© to say that even negative emotions like anger are quite normal or natural to human beings. But that does not mean that getting angry is a good habit. When you get angry frequently or whenever your anger is of high intensity those are the indicators that you should start controlling your anger and manage it appropriately.
When you are not in a position to control or manage your anger appropriately, it starts controlling you. Then your behavior with self and others may become harmful and destructive. Anger harms both the parties- the one who becomes angry and the one with whom you get angry.
In extreme anger situations you may lose total control over your mind. Under the pangs of the passion you may inadvertently commit certain acts that can be very drastic like getting into a physical fisticuffs, slapping, killings, accidents (at home or on roads).
Another equally serious condition of anger is internalizing the anger deep inside your system over long periods of time and brooding over it endlessly. This kind of simmering anger can have very detrimental effect on your physical, mental and psychological health. This may not only get you into serious physical ailments like increase of cholesterol levels, hypertension, heart conditions, ulcers and diabetes but also turn you into a negative person.
Therefore, you must learn to control anger before it starts controlling you. Do not turn a slave to this damaging emotion that is capable of:
  • Reducing or interfering your social skills
  • Disrupting your interpersonal relationships with your spouse, children and other family members
  • Disrupting your interpersonal relationships with professional associates and social contacts
  • Making you commit mistakes by impeding your ability to process the information and take decision
  • Creating problems in carrying out your work and responsibilities related to professional, personal, family and social life
  • Resulting in slower career growth and lost business
  • Adversely affecting your physical, mental and psychological health in various ways
  • Making you unhappy most of the time and slowing down or blocking the ability to remain cheerful
  • Making you highly stressed most of the times
  • Muddling your overall life
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