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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anger Management: Extreme Anger Is Dangerous

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  1. Extreme Anger Is Dangerous

    Anger when pushed to extremes is only one letter short of danger. Wrath or extreme anger (also known as rage, frenzy or fury) can turn out to be very dangerous making you commit a behavior that could never be imagined from you. Many acts or crimes of violence or passion have their origin in extreme anger. You can end up doing things that is not your normal behavior. You lose your capacity of rational or logical thinking and behavior. It can consist of:
  • Breaking or damaging things around you
  • Bypassing or forgetting the habits of safety
  • Hurling abuses, curses and insults on others
  • Physically hitting a person(s) or harming a person(s) in any other physical way
  • Plotting conspiracies against the person(s) with whom you are very angry and implementing them
  • Attempting to harm self to the extent of trying to commit suicide
  • Inadvertently succumbing to an accident at home, on roads and at office under the uncontrollable
    pangs of anger
  • Killing one or many persons or committing any other serious offense or violence.

    These behavior patterns are extreme in nature and if they persist over a significant period or are frequent they may need greater and special attention from a well-trained therapist or psychiatrist.

    At times even small or insignificant incidents are capable of simulating a person excessively to making him edgy beyond control. Then he may give a major stress reaction to these seemingly small incidents. The examples are: road rage (motorway madness), airport rage (delays at airport), desk/office rage (violence at workplace), rejection/abandonment rage, rage built up from daily disappointments (long lines, excessive waiting, inefficient bureaucracy, callous or indifferent behavior of service providers etc). 

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